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Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic cabling is steadily replacing copper wire as an appropriate means of communication signal transmission.  Advantages include high bandwidth and transmission speed, the potential for network growth, extended reach, low fault tolerance, and greater data security. Its use spans from local phone systems to being the back bone for major network systems. 


World Bridge Technologies, Inc. is a professional installer of all your Fiber Optic network needs. We are proud installers of:


  • AMP Net Connect Fiber

Data Systems


World Bridge Technologies, Inc. vast experience in Data Network Systems enables us to design and install a reliable backbone information distribution system for both large and small projects.  World Bridge can provide the capacity and topology planning required to help you make the best and more cost-effective choices for your Data System needs.

A professionally installed system by World Bridge Technologies will ensure reliability and dependability of your Data System needs.


We are proud installers of:


  • AMP Net Connect

Telephone Systems

Whether you operate a small business or large corporation, your business telephone system holds a great deal of power.  Lost calls due to insufficient lines and equipment can quickly turn into lost revenue. 

World Bridge Technologies can help your organization choose and install the proper phone system with the needed capabilities for your needs. 


Form a list of features that you want in place when choosing a system. Focus on the features that help you on a daily basis in your business. For maximum efficiency, it is best to have only the most intuitive features available at your fingertips for use on a day by day basis.

AV Systems

World Bridge Technologies, Inc. provides reliable, top-of-the-line audio and video component systems and related equipment. From a simple cassette deck, to a sophisticated projection system, to broadcast quality recordings, World Bridge Technologies, Inc. provides the right equipment to meet any need, in any setting.

More than merely an equipment supplier, World Bridge provides the expertise to ensure that all supporting media systems perform flawlessly. 


Commonly known as "Cable TV."  CATV is an increasingly popular way to interact with the World Wide Web and other new forms of multimedia information and entertainment services.

Public Address

A public address system or intercom systems often used in schools consisting of a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers in institutional and commercial buildings is very important for announcements or to declare states of emergency. Whether it’s a person making a speech, prerecorded music, or message to the general public an electronic amplification system must be in place to reinforce and distribute the sound around a building or campus.


World Bridge Technologies, Inc. knows that access control within a company is critical to businesses of all types.  We offer a full product line of keyless access control systems, and all products can be customized to meet your particular needs for security access control.  Whether you need a keyless access control system for a single door or for a multi-site style operation, we can design and install the right solution for your needs.


World Bridge Technologies, Inc. provides you with the access control systems that are needed in today’s business environment.

Access Control

Telephone Paging Systems

Most telephone systems, IP (VoIP) solution or a standard phone system (Plain old telephone service, or POTS) can be utilized as paging equipment because the equipment is already "paging system" ready and is usually built into the telephone system itself. These features allow announcements to be paged through external speakers or through both external and internal telephone speakers or IP clock/speakers in schools and other larger institutions. Solutions like these give you the flexibility to access your Public Address system from many different points incase of an emergency to notify staff and visitors. You no longer have to buy a separate intercom or microphone. World Bridge Technologies offers the most innovative solutions and up to date public address systems, utilizing bells, horns, sirens, and voice audio.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

An integral part of a security system is CCTV capabilities.  The primary uses for CCTV systems are surveillance, traffic control, theft, shoplifting, employee theft, and/or robbery deterrence, and identification.  World Bridge Technologies can provide the system and level of surveillance you need.

Security System

Security is a vital need for any business in today’s economy.  Ensuring the protection of valuable merchandise and equipment that if stolen is costly to replace. 

World Bridge Technologies will install or upgrade your security system to ensure the protection and give peace of mind that an effective system will provide.

World Bridge Technologies is a licensed ACO and C-10 installer.


Our experience allows us to offer our clients a guaranteed price for electrical scope of work prior to the completion of construction drawings. We provide a detailed step by step process that considers all cost alternatives while protecting your long term interests. Our technicians are trained to handle today's technically demanding electrical installations.

Professional Sound Systems

Sound reinforcement system can be as simple as a small Public Address (PA) system or very complex with an arrangement of microphones, signal processors, compressors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers that makes live or pre-recorded sounds crisp and clear. World Bridge Technologies can help you achieve the quality sound industry professionals live by. Our engineers can reinforce your sound to make it louder for your audience whether it’s a performing arts center, gymnasium, small business or private home. From music to Assist and Listening applications, our sound systems are designed to meet your needs.

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